CRM, Task Management
& Team Working

Web-based franchise
management software

Powerful eCommerce tools
at your fingertips

Beehive is a simple yet sophisticated CRM & task management system with functionality to manage your clients, projects & tasks and teams. Lead tracking, call logs & reminders, work diary and meeting minutes enable you to manage your pipeline and exisiting customers with ease.

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Branches joins the parts of a franchised business together. It helps franchisees get started and manage their business on established software and allows collaboration and communication throughout the organisation.

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Basket allows you to run your own web shop from your laptop, PC or iPad with ease. A simple intuitive interface makes it easy to manage your shop, while giving you complex functionality to add product categories, manage and organise best selling products and much more.

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Document management
& distribution system

Website content
management system

A simple way to organise and distribute a complex collection of data, HQ Binder is ideal for HR Policy document distribution within large organisations. It is easy to update, has built-in design consistency and can save a huge amount in management and distribution of company information.

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Builder is more than just a CMS. It has the sophistication to create a complex website from scratch, but the simplicity to enable any web user to update and manage it.

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